We bikers have a lot of urban lingo we like to use to describe things. One of our favourites, especially during the long winter months when our bikes sit idle but our desire to be involved with out bikes does not, is ” Farkle”. This urban lingo describe something with ” sparkle” but also serves a ” function” on the bike. Thus Farkle.

This winter I have spent a lot of time adding farkles to my bike.

Here is the list;

  • Ravetech Radiator Guard
  • Ravetech, line of sight GPS mount
  • AdventureTech Foot peg lowering kit.
  • AdventureTech Gear shifter extender
  • AdventureTech Mirror extenders with Ram mounts
  • AdventureTech Front fork Brace
  • FZ-1 FuzeBlocks
  • Happy Trail Centre Stand
  • Dirt Bags Aluminium Panniers
  • Roto Pax 1 gallon gas tank
  • Roto Pax mounting kit
  • 2-Cree Auxiliary lights
  • Bark Busters
  • External dual USP hook up
  • External 12V hook up
  • SW Motech handle risers and extenders
  • SW Motech Pannier Racks
  • Enduro Guardian Skid Plate
  • Enduro Guardian Highway Bars
  • Suzuki Engine Guards
  • Oxford Heater Griips
  • Home made kick stand enlarger
  • Cruise Control
  • MadStad Engineering Windshield Mounting kit
  • Givi 22″ Windshield
  • Becker & Hepcoe Top Box
  • Auxiliary light switch
  • 4 Aluminium gas/water bottle holders
  • Nelson and Riggs Tank Bag
  • Air Flow Seat Cover
  • Pyramid Plastic Fenda Extenda
  • 4 Ram Mounts

That is about it for now. I have a couple more items I would like to purchase for the bike but am waiting to see how practical they will be.

1 thought on “Farkling”

  1. David Kirby said:

    Hello… wondering if you have any suggestions for best foot peg upgrades for moderate off road riding? And if you have tried any automatic turn signal canceling products?


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