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I’m the type of guy who just jumps on my motorcycle  and ride’s. I never know where, normally never for any reason or purpose, I look for the road less travelled, and always just do it without much 420551_10152141928335478_570635096_nthought. That’s the joy of riding. However, this new adventure, part bucket list, part thrill seeking, and part fundraising has me throwing all those particular joys of just doing it, out the window.

I’m actually needing to plan, get a web site up ad running, searching out trip specific equipment such as downsizing all my camping equipment to fit on my motorcycle, riding gear, some extra essential equipment for my Strom, getting visa’s, research, research and more research on what I will or won’t need.

To me this is a little daunting. So much for just jumping on the bike and going. That said, I am not doing it alone. Thanks to Peter Sanderson who has a way of igniting a bit of a spark under my but to get all this done, and helping me a lot alone the way. As well, as having other friends who have caught some of the enthusiasm I have kept me going and pushing forward in the early stages of preparation. This learning curve for me is turning into part of the adventure.

The trip will begin in Cornwall Ontario, Canada.  I ride along the upper 48 until I jaunt up into Alberta where I will connect  great Canadian Rockies, up into Alaska to reach my first destination of the Arctic Circle. I will then meander my way down along the BC coastline, with the mighty Pacific to my West and the enormous North American Rain Forest to my East. Then entering into the U.S to drive down the Pacific North East into the Majestic Red Wood Forest Ithe-long-way-down.jpg will then continue on down along the Western Seaboard into California. From there I will cross into Mexico, then ride down spectacular view of the Ring of Fire of Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras in the background the entire way. Then Costa Rico, and then Panama. At that point the ” ride” will become a little more relaxed. I will continue into Columbia where I will be spending some time volunteering. Along the way down to Tierra Del Fuego, my final destination, I will spend much more time getting involved with the people and cultures, Spending more time at each place I stop. I also will be looking for some really interesting rides like the Bolivian Salts Plains and perhaps, if I have the nerve, ” The Road of Death”.

This trip will only be made complete and for me because as I ride I will be setting goals and helping the Canadian Cancer Society raise funds and awareness.  We all know and have in one way or another been touched  by cancer. I’m not a person who sees problems but rather solutions, so being part of a fund-raising program allows me to part of the solution by equipping those with the abilities to find a cure.  Being part of such a great adventure that has such a good cause makes this dream of mine all that more fulfilling.

So I welcome you to come along on this adventure of mine. As many have told me they will be living vicariously through this adventure. Many wish, few will do.

3 thoughts on “Home – Adventure Overview!”

  1. When you go on this ride?
    I ride from Anchorage May 13th.


  2. Duane Northrup said:

    Godspeed Micheal. Looking forward to following your adventure,


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