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Donations for Items

If you enjoy my blog, appreciate the adventure and find some of the information useful or entertaining, or just feel you want to help, then we thank you in advance.

Each button takes you to a secure site where you can use PayPal or a credit card. Your support is very much appreciated. 




tank of gas


bike service



extra cash

Additional Items Required

The following is a list of items that would help make my adventure more comfortable and/or better. Anyone who would like to donate one or more of these items, please complete the form below:


  • KLIM Latitude Jacket Size 2XL and Pants Size 42 long Color Grey Purchased.
  • Over the dash Ram Mount. Provided by Ravetech. Many thanks
  • 3 Sets of Mitas Dakar E07 tires.
  • Dry Bags 60 L. Received
  • Radiator Guard. Provided to me by Ravetech. Many Thanks.
  • Handle Bar risers and extenders. ( Received ).
  • Ceramic bead seat cover.
  • Shift lever extender. Received
  • Bark Guards.
  • Pivot foot pegs.
  • Spot Gen 3 Satellite tracking device with S.O.S button.
  • Aluminium Panniers. No longer needed.


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