Part of what is going to make this trip so fulfilling is helping others as I ride. Don’t get me wrong. I would ride for absolutely no reason at all, however, riding with a reason and knowing with your help we can help millions of other along the way is going to put this trip over the top for me and for all those it is going to help.

Cancer has touched almost all of us. I’ve personally had friends and family who have been through the battle some have won a few have not. I’ve spent endless hours sitting with those struggling to cope with lose and pain. However, I know in my heart of hearts that there is a cure, somewhere, some place. Everything in it’s time though. I haven’t given up that one day we all together will find a cure. That is why it is important to me to support the fight with cancer research. Just because we haven’t found one yet doesn’t mean there is not one right around the next corner. Help with the fight. Click on one of the two links below to help find a cure. Every dollar donated goes 100% either the Canadian or American Cancer Society.

Thank you

Also, some people have asked me if I need anything. the answer is simple. I can always use something. Whether it be warm comment on my blog after a long day of riding, or an invite to stop by a total strangers place for a drink or even a warm bed. Along with that if you wish to help sponsor this ride financially or through purchasing or donating needed equipment. I’ve already received some needed equipment from Motorcycle suppliers and man I can’t tell you how super happy that makes me to know others are behind me in the adventure and cause. As one guy told me ” I can’t go with you so at least I can send some of my parts along with you”. If you want to be part of the ride please don’t hesitate to contact me or simply go to the sponsorship V-Strom Americas page to see needed equipment and sponsorship options.

Again Thank You..


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