So this is going to be my first blog on here for many a year. I’ve been avoiding it cause Facebook makes it just as easy and to re learn this I figured I would need time and time is what I have right now. So update I will do. I’m going to keep blogging to Facebook for a short while as I learn this all over. So short updates here as I go.DSC00983

The City of San Pedro La Laguna is a spectacular place. The people are some of the most pleasant and helping people I have met anywhere in the world. In part this has to do with it being a tourist dependent city so they need to keep us coming but on the other hand it’s not a fake act. They are genuinely pleased. I had two people come up to me on the street today to hake my hand and welcome me to their city, and what a city it is. I was pleasantly deceived in thinking that from an map view that San Pedro was a small city with give or take 40 streets. The fact of the matter is those 30-40 streets hold hundreds of alleyways and very narrow corridors that cars cannot make it down. That is where the city lives. Some of these alleys are little more than stone and mud paths that lead to business and houses. Every one has it’s own little treasures hidden away. My first thoughts were I was going to loose myself in this maze of back passages but they eventually all come back to a main road and with so few roads I knew where I was.

Arranged with my local air BnB guy Javi to stay for another week. Unfortunately he was not able to teach me Spanish as he has already a group of students he will be leading on day trips later this week. However, he works with a few colleges and I was able to hire them for three hours a day to, hopefully, teach me some Spanish. Will start on Monday as Sunday everything shuts down.

So happy to find the local market today. It is the type I really like. Everything from small fish and meat handing in the open air and flies crawling all over it. Chicken to boot, local fruit and veggies and all the local dishes that they cook up. Not much touristy stuff here but it was still packed by locals and tourist stocking up for the next few days of food. I grabbed a every fruit I have never tried before and a few I have and love.

Most of the day was just spent resting. Laid around on my balcony watched as dozens and dozens of people were out flying their kites. Quite the thing to see all those kites flying at the same time. Two days in a row now, it starts around 3:00 and goes till dark, around 4:30-5:00. I was also specially blessed as Volcano Atitlan decided it wanted to left off a little steam in the form of sulfur. It was quite the site. There was no warning or tremors or anything. I just looked up and her was a 3,500 meter tall mountain ” smoking” from one of it many crevasses . I hear they can get pretty exciting at time when it blows from it’s top vent. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for that.

One interesting thing about Guatemala I have never given much thought too but was the influence of religion on these cultures. I have never seen it as diverse as I have here in Guatemala. Off course there has always been a heavy Catholic and Evangelical presence but I have noticed lots of Jewish flags flying right next to American ones. Also there are many mosque. This is especially noticeable in Guatemala City. There are large Jewish segments as well as a heavy business influence from The Emirate States. It is off how these two co-exist here when in the native lands they are almost always at war. Just my observations.

So that’s it for this post. I have to learn to stitch some photos in. Or many another day as my tummy is growling .