I like keeping this blog pretty much motorcycle related. It is, after all, the main reason most of you have signed up. However, today I will deviate from my normal bike compulsions, but not before mentioning that my ride report of the final part of the Trans Labrador is done!. It has been a long time in coming. It was going to be posted today, I was just waiting for one last photo from a friend which I received yesterday. However, like any adventure in life, you roll with it. So instead of the TLH post, I am going to share a BIG something that happened to me today in keeping with the spirit of the season.

This morning I decided to go out to get a bunch of last minute gift ideas. I have to admit these were the ” easy” gifts, since almost all of the were for my four legged furry friends. I love gift buying for pets. So easy! If it’s colorful and squeaks then we have wagging tails purring cats. Yet, it was still Saturday and the store was crazy busy. I was in a chatty mood today so started up a nice conversations with another pet gift buyer, a lady who’s baby tossed it’s socks out of the stroller and a pregnant mom who needed a hand reaching something high up on the shelf. I really didn’t want her stretching too much as I was sure that baby would have blown out at that moment as the soon to be mom was so big.

I needed some sewing needles so was in the sewing section ( ohh the joys of being single) trying to choose which ones to get, when I hear a sweet tiny voice ” Merry Christmas Mister”. I looked next to me and there was an older gentleman, about ten feet away, who I quickly disregarded as being the source of the voice, and this little girl, probably no older than ten, standing several feet from me. My first thought was that it was not directed at me. Then the little girl took a step closer and presented me with something and again said ” Merry Christmas Mister”.  I was surprised, really not sure what was up. I looked up the Isle and I could see her mom who was looking right at me and shaking her head in a ” yes” fashion. Guess she was confirming it was OK to take it. So she hands me a Tim Horton’s Gift card.  Fortunately, I was not at a loss for words. I thanked her and told her that was the sweetest thing anyone could do.

The girl was obviously a little shy about the whole thing. She hesitatingly stayed for a  few seconds as I spoke to her then she scurried back to her mom with a huge smile on her face. I also had a huge smile on mine.

As I stood there thinking about it, I’m sure there was a tear in my eye thinking about how sweet this simple gesture was. It certainly touched a chord in me. I shopped on for about 5 minutes pondering about this young girl and her mom. I had to know more!  I love hearing why people do what they do. So I started making my way up and down all the Isles but they where no where to be found. Which sort of made me wonder if they had not just stopped at this store to hand out one or perhaps more cards then left.

I sort of wished I could have spoken to them and found out what their story was so I could have shared it. I missed that chance. So instead you get my story.

I love this time of year. Not for any particular religious reasons and certainly not for money reason, cause fact is the money seems to only flow OUT. It’s certainly not because of the weather as it is getting colder and colder and the snow is going to start to rearing it’s ugly head. Not to mention this time of year with the weather change it causes both physical and emotional stress on people.  At times it can leave people feeling moody, blue, not up to all this Yuletide Cheer. Rather, the reason I love this time of year more so than any other time is we see a truer face of humanity that we see any other time of the year. It is the time of year were people TRY to be nicer to one another. It is the time of year where from time to time on the news we see people out giving of themselves to others. It is the time of year where Random Acts of Kindness are more prevalent.

In the chaos of the season, we here in North America, realize the world is not such a bad and shitty place. It’s not all bad news and hatred towards one another. In fact, it is the only time of year we promote “good will and cheer” towards each other. We recognize our own deep desires to give and give and give to other. Even beyond what we are capable off. We see stories of people helping others. Reaching out to total strangers who have less than us. People giving a helping hand towards people they would normally never associate with. We sense that desire in us to open up more to other people. Neighbors talking and offering season greetings to one another, even when they don’t talk most of the year. We see lights of “joy” lighting the streets and windows of people houses, symbolizing a joy that they want to share with everyone else and especially their families. All of a sudden a ” goodness” is brought to the forefront.

This is what the world is really like! It’s one time of the year where above all else we try to focus on the good, and I tell you there is A LOT of good out there. For a brief moment  of the year things really don’t change, but rather our perceptions of things change. When our perceptions change so do our behaviors. I for one am thankful for this time of year just because I love to see how people open up to each other.

I’ve explored a lot of this world far and wide. Different cultures, world views, religions, beliefs and system of thinking. One thing I have concluded is there is FAR MORE good out there than there is bad.

I would like to end this with some brilliant saying or insight into humankind’s goodness. I can’t. No words, no matter how well woven together can say more than ” Merry Christmas Mister”, as a young girl hands me a gift.

Blessing to all of you. May you all experience a deeper appreciation of love and kindness in your life and the lives or those around you at this time of year.