Sometimes in life the simplest reason to explain why you are about to do something is simply “because”. That is the simplest explanation as to why I am doing this trip not to mention because ” it is there“. I’ll be riding with two other buds, Jeff, and Joe. We will be heading out this coming Saturday for a 23 day, 8,000 km ( 5000 miles) trip on some of the most remote and desolate roads Canada has to offer.

The Trans Lab highway covers 1246.69 kms (774.66 mi). Though don’t let the word ” highway” fool you. The TLH is predominately a barren dirt road that does not see much maintenance. At best it is freshly graded which will offer its own challenges especially when wet ( it does rain A LOT there), and at worst is a dust road full of pot holes and washboards. Also being so remote animals we expect to see lots of are Moose, perhaps some bears and HEY there has even been polar bear sightings on the TLH. Damn I would love to see that!!! Who knows what else will stick it’s heads of of the forest. Hopefully just not to close to the bikes.

Of course there is going to be so much more to the trip than just the TLH. We will be taking in some of the most picturesque roads in Eastern Canada cabottrail1while passing though 6 provinces, hopping on some ferries, getting “screeched in” in Newfoundland a few planned stops at some historic areas including and ancient Viking settlement as well as riding to the most easterly mainland point in North America. We are also hoping to find lots of off roads experiences along the three of us all have that itch to get some mud on out bikes. Can’t get them looking too clean or someone might mistake them for a BMW.( insert wink)

With only four days to go I’ve now pulled all my camping gear and other necessities out and working out the best configuration for everything on my bike. The excitement is building and looking forward to hitting the road!. Stay in touch for some great updates.