On the dockThis weekend the Ontario Educational Leadership Centre situated on the beautiful Lake Couchiching hosted the 4th annual Ontario Horizon’s Unlimited meet. Horizon’s Unlimited is specifically for motorcycle riders who have a passion for long distant adventures globally and has a membership of over 32,000 riders from 150 different countries.

I arrived at camp on Thursday around 4:00. I had just missed the heavy downpour that seemed to be centred just around the Lake area. I quickly went about finding a campIMAG2207site that was semi private, hard to do when there are a few hundred bike campers around, but would also be suitable for Jeff and Joe who would be joining the next day.

I managed to find a great little spot just behind one of the buildings. It had a great breeze and good view of the Lake, and on top of that I scored an electrical plug on the side of the building and a great set of trees for Jeff to set up his hammock.

The weekend was jammed packed of guess speakers who had ” been there and done that and still doing it” as far as global travel went on motorcycles. From how to pack

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your motorcycle, first aid, repairs on the road, plotting a GPS track, what to, or not to eat in other countries, how to publish your own books/blogs, managing time and money, camping in foreign countries and at home, and the list just went on an on. However, by far, the highlight of the weekend for me was meeting other H U members who shared their stories one on one. No matter where you went or who you met everyone had their own awesome and interesting story to tell and pearls of wisdom to share.

A combination of stellar people, awesome and insightful discussions, excellent weather, great personal stories, and a great area made for a wonderful weekend

To top it off I was able to spend a little more time with Jeff and Joe before we leave on our own epic journey in two weeks. We will be travelling some of the most amazing but not so hospitable roads in Eastern Canada. The Trans Labrador highway awaits us.

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