At the last minute my friend Peter called me up and asked me if I wanted to take a trip down to Port Dover Ontario to visit his uncle. Took me about 2 minutes to say yes, and WP_20150613_20_12_01_Proabout 15 minutes to pack my bike for the 1,400 km ride. We left early in the morning and it was rather chilly for a June morning and rain was looming. That’s sort of when I realized that a quick pack sometimes means forgetting things. I’d neglected to pack anything warm However, on our first stop for a fill up I noticed a second hand store. Perfect. So made my way in and found myself a great retro 70 looking sweater that was sporting the smell you can only find at a second hand store. But I was warm. Not to mention it was on sale at 50% off the $5.00 sticker price, which worked great with my budget.

In Toronto we met up with Matt, the owner of Motorcycle Innovations. This is a great Canadian owned and operated motorcycle accessory store. We met to have coffee and to pick up a part for my bike. At the same time I also met a R1200GS rider who had ridden Alaska twice so had a great time listening to his stories

We hit small pockets of rain on and off on Friday. Around 2:00 the skies WP_20150613_08_53_06_Proopened up and and the cats and dogs soon turned into cows and hippos. At moments like that you realize just how great your bike is, not to mention how well, or NOT so well your riding gear can hold up. I was fortunate, and after two hours of riding in this storm we reached our destination and I was bone dry except for a small 2 inch wet spot on my elbow. Still haven’t figured that one out..

We spent the evening at Peters sisters and brother in laws. Great time, and got to try out their new little something..  Had a road runner on the side. It was awesome fun. I think it was the highlight of my weekend Great thing in a small package with a behemoth man riding it.. 

The weather was great rest of the weekend. We had a great visit with Peters Uncle and Aunt, then spent the day riding around Southern Ontario.  That eveningIMAG2176 we went out for a later dinner and on the way back stumbled upon and great little tequila bar in some dark side street. Truth be told I think I stumbled OUT of the tequila bar on some side street as we made our way to the hotel.

I did learn a valuable lesson this weekend. Seems if you put a beer inside a pannier without making sure it is not bouncing around it can turn into a very explosive situation. Heck, my panniers needed a good cleaning anyways. 🙂 IMAG2189