Some months ago a friend got a great idea. He wanted to travel around Ontario and visit some abandoned buildings. The initiate loose plan was to visit an old WW II P.O.W camp, an abandoned saw mill, as well as an old prison. We also kept our eyes open as we drove for any abandoned houses, barns or buildings.

We didn’t make it to all the places. Some had been ” re-purposed” or no longer accessible for one reason or another. However, we did manage to find a lot of cool and creepy areas to visit.

We covered close to 2,000 km in the 4 day trip. We saw some of the nicest roads and landscape that Ontario has to offer. This truly is an awesome province when not covered under a few feet of snow.

Abandoned Ontario Ride

Rough map of the route we took.


Something out of the middle ages. However, in truth I believe it was used to de bark trees


Abandoned motel.


My best Sasquatch impression


Perfect camping weather. Just cool enough at night to keep the mosquitoes away


Lockers at the Lumber Mill


Hallway in motel


Just cause it feels good to give the finger for no reason sometimes.

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We jumped on the Ferry to cross the Georgian Bay. Was a nice break in the ride to just sit on deck for a few hours enjoying some sun on the open wates


Off course I save the best for last. One of the highlights of the trip for myself was to visit an old abandoned prison in Burwash Ontario. This prison has been the focus of a few T.V shows. One historical and another that covered the many ghostly encounters people have had over the years. Our plan was to make it there mid day, get some good daylight investigations as the prison if fairly large, then set camp, and go do our own nigh time investigation into these ghostly encounters.

To keep would be thrill seekers out they have made the road almost inaccessible. I use the word road loosely. It is more a track leading to the prison that is in the middle of no where. On top of that they have torn up the rail road crossing portion of track, leaving only the tracks, a beaver damn, a creek crossing and a deep water crossing. The 6 km trip is made easiest on foot or by ATVs. However, we decided to try it on out on our adventure bikes. Sadly it proved to be a little too much. The adventure of trying to get there was well worth the time and energy, and great fun was had by all. I think in the future with a little more prep time and perhaps a few more hands we will make it.

Here is a video of my attempt at taking a 500lb bike over train tracks.