I recently purchased a new Carbon Fiber helmet. It is the most amazingly light helmet with a great look and comfortable fit. However, I find it does little to block external noise. especially the noise generated by the wind buffeting or in other words pounding at the sides of my helmet as I cruise at speeds of 80 kmph or more. At best of times I walk away with just a little buzzing in my ears but on longer days I have sometimes gotten a mild headache.

In the past I have played with ear plugs. Either they did very little to prevent noise or were too uncomfortable to wear for any length of time. Research has shown that most helmets at 100 kmph or more can create over 100 decibels of wind noise. That’s loud. It is also loud enough that over long periods of time can create permanent hearing lose.

With that in mind I began to hunt for better ear plugs.  Recently I came across Radians custom moulded plugs. Basically it is a special two part compound that feels and looks like bubble gum that you mix together and insert it in your ears ( forget all you were taught about sticking things in your ears when you were a child) and they harden into a soft foam/rubber like compound that is perfectly matched to you ear. If for no other reason than the fun of it I had to give it a try.

I found some on-line and ordered them in. Can’t tell you how they work yet since I have yet to be try them in the real world. However, from wearing them around the house I can tell they are very comfortable and do seem to block out most noises.

I put together a little footage of me making them for a few laughs. Hope you enjoy.