This post would be far more difficult for Michael Fritz to write so I am posting this on his behalf. Plans change, life changes and we all have to change with it. The silver lining hiding in that black cloud comes to mind at a time like this. The wind blows, the river’s current remaps the earth’s surface and so on.

What’s this all about you may ask?

It’s about a change of plans. An unavoidable change of plans. A change that is heart breaking but must be embraced. Michael’s leg continues to give him grief and after his last consultation with his surgeon, it is recommended that he have yet another small surgery to remove some floating bone fragments that are poking their way into areas where they are not welcome.

When is his surgery?

Sometime towards the end of this year 2015.

Why does he need another one?

Because it hurts.

Will Michael ride again?

Absolutely and that is why Michael is changing his plans.

So what’s next? Michael has spent most of his recovery time since his last surgery planning and purchasing all of the necessary equipment for his V-Strom and his camping needs. The silver lining is that he is ready to go but cannot go this year. Michael may never be able to complete this trip but I suspect that he will.

For the moment, the trip cannot be planned further until life’s little challenges get resolved, hopefully by the end of this year. Therefore, one could say that it is cancelled until further notice.

But between you, me and the fence post, I am certain that his plans will be resurrected sometime soon. But until then, let us all enjoy the upcoming summer and please, ride safe!