What is adventure riding? One could say that everyday riding a motorcycle is an adventure and I would never argue that. Then there is the evolution in adventure riding. Where you earnestly seek out less travelled and paved roads, to find those roads that offer you a challenge and excitement you could never find on tarmac.

The V-Strom is one of many such bikes on the road today. Classified as an adventure touring bike it is specifically designed different than your standard street bike. It offers an extra large gas tank for longer travelling times as well as an add on gas tank, larger than normal wheels and a ground clearance to traverse over rocks, boulders or whatever else is in the road.  Also for this trip I will be adding special tires that have large ” knobs” to enable it to cut more cleanly trough mud and deep sand. It also has longer travel in the suspension for better off road capabilities. . The upright seating position allows for a very comfortable ride and the option to stand up on the bike as I ride offering a greater centre of gravity and control over the bike on bad terrain. To round of this bike it is still a street touring bike. Offering a very comfortable ride, with ABS breaking systems, smooth cornering and all the power and more than you could ever want.

To get a small idea of the type of riding I will be doing over the next year I have posted Alex’s video, who took over a year to travel through the Americas. Hope you enjoy