Back in my 20’s I had just returned from an extended stay in South America. Previous to that trip, a very close friend and I had discussed at some lengIMG_0001th about riding through Africa. For one reason or another I ended up in South America with back pack in tow. My friend did in part travel some of Africa with his brother on motorcycles.

When I arrived back in Canada, in the middle of winter coming from +50 degree weather along the Amazon to minus twenty, I debarked the plane in nothing but shorts, t-shirt and flip flops. Fortunately, good ole mom, had sent a winter coat and boots with my friends picking me up.  IMG_0002

My friend who had just finished his ride in Africa and had also returned to Canada and we started dreaming. Mine was I was going back to South Africa on a motorcycle. Within a month I had purchased 1976 Yamaha XS 750, for around $200.00. It came complete with saddle bags and even a front fearing with a tape deck. To a 20 year old this was a piece of heaven for riding.. Though it did have it’s issues.

However, “life happened” and university pushed that dream aside for some years. Though it never stopped, and now to start over..