For many years, there was this break in the Pan American highway called the Darién Gap which was never developed for political and environmental reasons and more recently, cattle.  This break is a 100 km/62 mile stretch of swampland and forest dividing the two continents.

The only way from Panama to Columbia was either by putting your motorcycle in a shipping container then waiting weeks for the ship to arrive in Columbia or more recently, “hire” a sailing ship and have the crew literally lift your bike onto the deck and have it lashed down and sail around the gap.  Both were very expensive and time-consuming.

I have heard rumour and did some research (which to me means entering a few key words into Google) and found that they have finally opened the long-awaited and rumoured ferry crossing.  Drive in and drive out with set pricing.  Even though it is very limited in space for larger vehicles, they can carry up to 100 motorcycles at a time.  It also comes with a fully stocked bar and restaurant and some nice benches and hammocks on deck to help make the 24 hour crossing and little more pleasant.

Personally, I was sort of looking forward to the adventure of having a sail boat take me and my bike around the Darien Gap and may still do so, however, having the alternative there is a very pleasant option. Oh, and for the Canadians following this post, the ship was previously used to cross to P.E.I before the bridge was built.

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