So, maybe it is very early on to be “packing” already. However, my thinking on this is that it is mid winter here in Canada. As well, it is the holiday season so what better time of the year to acquire anything I will need for summer camping at holiday pricing. Got some great deals!

I’m no novice to the outdoor life. Having lived in Northern Ontario for 2½ months in a tent and with basic survival skills, and many years of out tripping and portaging I would like to think I know a little, a very little. I watch others and realize “wow, how did I really manage?”. I think really the first rule of thumb is just wanting to, second is to stop, relax and read your environment. I know all you die-hards out there are going “OMG! This guy knows nothing!”.  Well I will be the first to agree with you and any advice or guidance would greatly be appreciated.

I’m scared to death of bears wandering into camp, though I have chased a black bear away in midday with a stick. I can assure you my heart was racing a hundred miles an hour and I was on vigilance for many hours after that! I can only DREAD having the sound of a snort of a bear outside my camp in the dead of night! I can guarantee you I will happy I have a change of underwear after such an incident, not to mention the “Bear Bangers” and “Bear Spray” if I need them!

This is a little video which sort of seems a little cheesy at this point.  As time progresses I will make a better one. My focus is to STICK TO BASICS. From what I have read is that we all have a tendency to over pack. This video might seem minimalist but I like to think that that really is best. Hope you enjoy!